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Christmas in Oregon

Christmas in Oregon

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

gabe's senior trip

Here we go off on our adventure!
Here is just a sampling of our trip to Washington and British Columbia with Gabe. Some of these pictures are out of order, but I don't feel like getting frustrated trying to put them in order tonight so. . .

Temple trip Friday morning. Traffic was crazy of course.

I would have enjoyed Pikes Fish Market in downtown Seattle with a lot less people!

I guess this "gum wall" is pretty famous. Gabe and I just stumbled upon it at the market.

Gabe just loves posing for pictures, NOT.


Mariners vs Mets. The Mariners lost, but we had a great view of the city and the ball game from our seats.

Hiking in Olympic National Park

Stop at the Naval Underwater Museum

Decommissioned dam in Olympic National Park That is and Gabe and me looking down on an adventurous Dad. Gabe would also go adventuring as you will see in the following pictures.

Stump over a cliff? Must stand on it.

The leader of the adventurous band.

One of the beautiful falls in Olympic National Park

Marymere Falls

Watch out for the trees!

On top of Hurricane Ridge

A visit from a deer.

Terry Fox's van. If you don't know Terry Fox, google him, he's pretty awesome. This was in Victoria.

Ferry from Port Angeles to Victoria. The ferries one of my favorite parts. If I could travel by ferry anywhere, I would. You get to walk around where ever and whenever you want. And you get great views and fresh air.

Ferry to Victoria.

Parliament building in Victoria

Stuffy Englishman

Beautiful flowers of Victoria. Victoria was a beautiful city but very "touristy". Not really my kind of place. Lots of beautiful homes.

I'd like to take this guy home.

On the narrowest street in North America in the 2nd oldest China town in North America (Victoria).

Over priced stuffed grape leaves in Nanaimo. We  should have known when we walked in and found fancy table settings and the waitresses and waiters all dressed up. Oh well, count it up to experience. The food was good, though.

Ferry from Nanaimo to Vancouver.

These ferries are amazing, almost as amazing as air travel. You just drive on and get out of your car and sit/stand where ever you want. We watched a whole convoy of semis with a monster truck show drive on.

One of our favorite experiences of the trip, the lumberjack show. There guys were good and hilarious!

This guy climbed up the poles at the end of the show pretending to be a tourist. He stopped everyone's hearts by "accidentally" stumbling and then taking a fast zip line to the ground.

Tram up Grouse Mtn above Vancouver.

The resident grizzly bears.

On top of Grouse Mtn. Vancouver in the background.

Chair lift down 
Entertaining ourselves with some fun sculptures in Vancouver.

We were "geeking out" over TV series, "Psych" locations.

White Rock boardwalk. Now every time we watch  Psych we can say we were there.

"Psych" office looks a little different now.  But where those two guys are sitting was the bay window.

This was just a cool art sculpture on the USA border.

White Rock pier

Checking out the seaside in Nanaimo.

Henry Spenser's house in Psych. The lady who was living here was not thrilled we were taking pictures and asked in a very sarcastic tone if she could help us. Gabe just told her we were taking pictures of her beautiful home.

It was a great, but fast trip and we have a lot more pictures, but these basically capture all of our activities. Gabe's favorites were Hurricane Ridge in Olympic National park and the lumber jack show on top of Grouse Mountain. It would have been fun to explore some more, but we packed a lot into the days we were there.