Where we roam with the deer and the antelope.

Christmas in Oregon

Christmas in Oregon

Thursday, July 6, 2017

middle and north schell

It was a nice treat to find out that Bill would get July 4th off.  One of Bill's long time desires was to climb North Schell peak, one of the highest mountains in Nevada at 11,883 feet. And it just happens to be less than 2 hours drive from our house.

I am always amazed to find such beautiful greenery, flowers and water in Nevada. Just by gaining a few feet in elevation, the scenery changes dramatically.
We had our own private butterfly garden. We saw several varieties of butterflies.
After following this little creek for half a mile, We thought we might be going the wrong direction. So what do you so with Bill when you think you might be headed in the wrong direction? Why you head straight up a mountain of course.I don't know if you can tell how steep this hill side is, but I can definitely tell you that I was sucking some serious air and mumbling some not so
 nice things to myself. At least Bill found me some awesome walking sticks.
Still trudging and grumbling.
And trudging and murmuring.

Finally made it to the saddle!
Frozen watermelon is the best!

Self timing mishap :)
Take 2

The summit is in sight!

After reaching the summit of what we thought was North Schell, we pulled out the sign in page and read that we had actually climbed Middle Schell. I really DID NOT want to go back the way we came, so we decided to hike back down to the saddle and then up 800 feet to North Schell like a BOSS!
Made it to North Schell!

The hills are alive. . .
I thought I was being smart by freezing my water bladder overnight, but half of it was still frozen all the way down the mountain. Fortunately we found a fresh stream to get a drink from.
Taking a break

I call this ski bumming. 

Nevada can grow big trees!

This hike was so much fun! We did not see a single soul the entire trip. It was a beautiful day and a great hike with an adventurous and wonderful companion.  I think we should do this more often, even though our calves paid the price. . :) 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

gabe the babe

Gabe the babe is right! When did this kid grow up?!? I feel like I missed half of his life. But then I look at pictures and there I am. As I was searching for pictures last night to put on facebook, I realized how thankful I was that I at least blogged a few times. Wendy, your blogs will be so precious to you, not only now, but several years from now. So keep up the great work! Just looking through this blog, I relived several Harris family moments. What great memories! So in honor of our baby Gabe, who is 18!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, here are some of my favorite and epic memories... (not in any particular order) Sorry about all the pictures, I just couldn't decide.

Gabe's broken wrist right before the Quayle reunion. This is one time that I was not around during an accident.

Look at that form.

I am actually glad that our scouting days are behind us.

Cardinals game

This just reminds me of all of the baseball days, including lineups and Backyard Baseball.

Up on Ward.

On to the "Secret Beach".

Enter at your own risk!

Oh man, my stomach is still in knots from hoop shoots.

Gabe and his buddy, Scout.

"Guys, are you sure this is the way to Iowa?"

Doing the Herkey.

Giving Mom some support.

Must be one of Dad's adventures.

Jumping off rocks at Devil's Tower WY.

Just in case Gabe gets lost in our nation's capitol.


One of many first day of school pictures.

"Come on guys, let me out!"

Playing in the irrigation water.

Musical Gabe
Macho Man team


Big Gabe
18th birthday!

One of many Suzuki weeks.

Photo bombing

A sprained arm is no excuse not to practice.
Last time as a Mustang.


Crazy family

A rare Christmas at home.

Temple trip

Snow Canyon half marathon.

Trying out Dave's Christmas present.

Hanging out on top of Mt. Wheeler.

Mt. Wheeler

Waiting for Elder Harris

Cool Siblings

Soccer in Battle Mountain

Oregon, here we come!

Uh, Dad?

Uncle Gabe

White Pine?
It's been fun to look through all of these pictures. Hope you enjoyed them too. Gabe is a pretty great kid and I'm glad Heavenly Father trusted me enough to help raise him. I'm sad that this part of my life is ending, but I should look forward to the next chapter.. . .